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Diesel engine valve

Specializing in the production of engine valves, has accumulated nearly 30 years of rich experience, excellent quality, low price, fast shipment, all products. Materials, packaging, etc. can be customized according to the drawings, samples, OEM and other processing provided by customers.

Motorcycle valve

The function of the valve is specifically responsible for inputting air into the engine and exhausting the exhaust gas after combustion. From the engine structure, it is divided into intake valve (intakevalve valve) and exhaust valve (exhaustvalve valve). The function of the intake valve is to suck air into the engine and mix and burn with fuel; the function of the exhaust valve is to discharge the burned exhaust gas and dissipate heat.

Motorcycle valve

The valve is composed of a valve head and a rod. The temperature of the valve head is very high (intake valve 570~670K, exhaust valve 1050~1200K), and it also bears the pressure of the gas, the force of the valve spring and the inertial force of the transmission component. Its lubrication and cooling conditions are poor, and the valve must have Certain strength, rigidity, heat resistance and wear resistance. The intake valve is generally made of alloy steel (chromium steel, nickel-chromium steel), and the exhaust valve is made of heat-resistant alloy (silicon-chromium steel). Sometimes, in order to save heat-resistant alloy, the exhaust valve head is made of heat-resistant alloy, and the rod is made of chrome steel, and then the two are welded together.


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